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reconciling love

June 17, 2012


when He kisses your neck does it make you think of me? do you think of me when He runs His hands over your body? when I kiss your breast, does it remind you of Him? when i caress your thigh and face are you thinking of Him or me? when you make love to […]

chaos theory

June 14, 2012


nervous energy head spinning no single thought chase around hands shaking legs dancing chaos abounds excitement, racing mind chasing a place to settle down can’t stand still rushing downhill to what???

Listening, Part II

June 14, 2012


Another wonderful cab ride. Tonight it was from Margaritaville at Universal Studios back to my hotel in Orlando. Tonight’s cabbie was Joseph, originally from Ghana. Joseph has been in the US 16 years. Compared to his life in Ghana, he sees life driving a cab in Orlando as being truly blessed. And Joseph is happy. […]

losing control

June 13, 2012


How do you give up control when you’ve spent the better part of the last 30 years suppressing emotions you’ve been told for almost your whole life, “stop crying and act like a man” that it could cost you everything dear to your heart and soul how do you learn to let go of your […]

Love’s hidden power

June 12, 2012


who knew that Love held such power the power to lift up the power to create the power to crush the power to destroy i try to set you free i try to let you be happy and i see how your happiness has nothing to do with me and i fear losing you but […]

the remainder

June 11, 2012


you say you can’t go on like this, but i can’t go on, period you say you can’t go on like this yet cut me to the quick with disrespect with contempt if this is a test it is the cruelest and most inhumane punishment Man has ever devised i gave in, i let go […]