Reason #2 why I hate Dallas

Posted on July 30, 2012


Last weekend I was at my house in Colorado. Packing up a few belongings to drive back to Texas. Colorado summers are beautiful. Up where I live the high temps usually top out in the low 80’s. Down in Boulder or Denver and the plains they can reach the mid to upper 90’s and occasionally top 100. (For those in countries that have appropriately adopted the metric system that would be the upper 20’s to over 40 in Celsius). And while it gets warm there (some would say hot) once the sun sets it becomes, in my opinion, quite pleasant. Temperatures at the house can drop into the 40’s at night and upper 50’s/low 60’s down in town. So there’s a respite from the heat (7 to 15 degrees Celsius).

Now I’m back in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Today’s high is 103. Tomorrow: 107, by Wednesday, 108. What is so bad is that there is no respite from the heat. Even when the sun sets the low temperature is usually still in the low 80’s. It really sucks to walk outdoors even at 10:00 PM and be greeted by a blast furnace.

Some may say it’s global warming. But the Dallas/Fort Worth area encompasses almost 9,000 square miles of land, most of which is concrete, highways, building and homes. This concrete absorbs the suns rays and heat like a sponge. That heat is then slowly dissipated over night. THAT’S why I hate Dallas: Too much growth that has killed off many heat reflecting flora. And, there’s no relief for months! I can’t wait for my next trip to Colorado. I hope it’s soon.

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