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Posted on August 20, 2012


Please donate to Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!

A few days ago I brought up the fear associated with my dad’s cancer diagnosis. So far the prognosis is good. According to the oncologist, non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma is very treatable and curable. However, it is not cheap and my dad is on social security with a rather limited fixed income. The good news is that because he has a fixed income he is eligible for assistance from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) and all his chemo treatments will be covered. I asked the person in the business office where the grant money came from and she said most patient grants come directly from money raised by Team In Training. Looking back out into the waiting room and recalling his first day of chemo, with me sitting beside him, I see dozens of patients. Each day the waiting room is full. The infusion area is packed. There are 8 rooms with 4 people per room, 7 days a week. They are on a 3 week rotation as well. That means in a given month, there are 32*5*3 or 480 patients undergoing chemo at this facility. Many are like my dad: elderly, with limited incomes.

And that’s where today’s entry comes into play. For several years I’ve had friends try to talk me into joining Team In Training (TNT). Individuals sign up/register for Team In Training and train for some endurance event such as a marathon, half-marathon, or century bike ride. For each event, the participant must pledge to raise a minimum amount of money. This is where the grant money for my dad’s treatment came from.

And I decided to give back. Not only for the assistance provided my dad, but to the many others who can’t afford the treatment. And, to help find and fund alternate treatments such as Rituxan which is a powerful drug used in the treatment of Lymphoma in particular. I will be training for and running a half-marathon in San Antonio, Tx in January. And I have pledged to raise at least $1,900 as part of my training.

Therefore I ask your help. If you know someone who has a blood born cancer (Leukemia, Lymphoma, Myeloma, etc), if you know someone who has survived, please help me not only reach, but exceed, my pledge. Share this pledge page with your friends and family. Pass it on so that others can afford the chemo treatment, or that other life-saving drugs can be found.

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Thank you,
Doug “MtnSlamGrass”