Posted on November 22, 2012


Just let it go
there’s an ease in feeling numb
of freeing all emotion
of living life unfettered
from excess thoughts and feelings
expressed and pressed and strained

but anger is so sweet
to fill my head with rage
from simple injustices
and mindless incompetencies
or the world’s idiosyncrasies

     Let it boil, let it burn
     Let it consume me with its fires
     Let it simmer, stir it up
     Bottle it ’til it erupts
I feel it in my being i feel it in my soul
I want to punch the world in the face
and kick it in the groin
for all the lies it fed me
I want to see it plead
For all of its unfairness
I yearn to see it bleed
For everything it stole
break its bones with clubs and stones
Listen up, take heed

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