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November 22, 2012


Just let it go there’s an ease in feeling numb of freeing all emotion of living life unfettered from excess thoughts and feelings expressed and pressed and strained but anger is so sweet to fill my head with rage from simple injustices and mindless incompetencies or the world’s idiosyncrasies      Let it boil, let it […]

A Sad State of Affairs

September 7, 2012


If you read my Best and Worst cities to run in post on Wednesday you probably figured out I was in Washington DC. It was a very mixed experience on my part. In one sense it had a ” London” feel to it with all the old buildings and history but something just didn’t feel […]

Mtn Slam Grass’ Workout tip #12

August 30, 2012


Heading out for a jog on the trail? Maybe a workout on the treadmill? Need a quick pick me for energy? About 30 minutes before the workout try some carbs. Maybe a banana, a piece of fruit, oatmeal bar, cheese crackers, etc. My personal recommendation, based on recent experience… Do NOT eat an order of […]

Reason #2 why I hate Dallas

July 30, 2012


Last weekend I was at my house in Colorado. Packing up a few belongings to drive back to Texas. Colorado summers are beautiful. Up where I live the high temps usually top out in the low 80’s. Down in Boulder or Denver and the plains they can reach the mid to upper 90’s and occasionally […]

reconciling love

June 17, 2012


when He kisses your neck does it make you think of me? do you think of me when He runs His hands over your body? when I kiss your breast, does it remind you of Him? when i caress your thigh and face are you thinking of Him or me? when you make love to […]

chaos theory

June 14, 2012


nervous energy head spinning no single thought chase around hands shaking legs dancing chaos abounds excitement, racing mind chasing a place to settle down can’t stand still rushing downhill to what???

losing control

June 13, 2012


How do you give up control when you’ve spent the better part of the last 30 years suppressing emotions you’ve been told for almost your whole life, “stop crying and act like a man” that it could cost you everything dear to your heart and soul how do you learn to let go of your […]