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A Sad State of Affairs

September 7, 2012


If you read my Best and Worst cities to run in post on Wednesday you probably figured out I was in Washington DC. It was a very mixed experience on my part. In one sense it had a ” London” feel to it with all the old buildings and history but something just didn’t feel […]


May 20, 2012


It’s 3:00 AM and I can’t sleep When these tears pour from my fingers To document my fears to keep from this ache that ever lingers Tears turn to blood and stain the page from every ache and pain From fear imagined, vaguely real that crushes like a runaway train. And million little pieces go […]

Negative space

May 16, 2012


You didn’t see me, you saw the space around me. You didn’t see me, you saw what I left behind You saw the whole where I should have been You saw the world where I could have been But you didn’t see me You didn’t notice me, even when you walked right through You didn’t […]

A mourning?

March 9, 2012


If there ever was  day to describe my thought process and “chaos theory” in the same breath it would be today. I was focused enough at work to accomplish what needed to be done before I left and got on the plane, but that’s where it ended. I’ve recently completed reading Safran-Foer’s other novel “Everything […]

NYC, and other stories

February 9, 2012


I must have, deep down in me, a lost soul from New York City. Namely, Manhattan! (Yes, that’s a fragment but I don’t care!). Back in December I talked about the wanderlust I discovered when I was a teen. It seems I can be at ease wherever I am. But for some reason I had […]

Books have always been my best friends

December 31, 2011


Wow, today’s unusual. Going for a second blog post. But the first was a little self-deprecation and more to get me in the writing mode. Which brings me to this topic: reading to write or writing to read. I know that might not make much sense. But in my own internal dialogue it goes like […]