13.1 miles: One step at a time

December 23, 2012


Last August I wrote Reality Check about my dad’s lymphoma, chemo and joining the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Team In Training (TNT). Since then when I mention that I’m running a half marathon to raise money and awareness for leukemia, lymphoma and other blood born cancers I get asked “How do you run 13 […]

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November 22, 2012


Just let it go there’s an ease in feeling numb of freeing all emotion of living life unfettered from excess thoughts and feelings expressed and pressed and strained but anger is so sweet to fill my head with rage from simple injustices and mindless incompetencies or the world’s idiosyncrasies      Let it boil, let it […]

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The Words – A review and self reflection

September 10, 2012


I saw the movie The Words last night. Short and sweet: I loved it. First off, it’s about writing. And not just writing, but really good writing: writing that I wish I was capable of. I love writing and have ever since I was in 7th and 8th grade. And this was the type of […]

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A Sad State of Affairs

September 7, 2012


If you read my Best and Worst cities to run in post on Wednesday you probably figured out I was in Washington DC. It was a very mixed experience on my part. In one sense it had a ” London” feel to it with all the old buildings and history but something just didn’t feel […]

Best (and worst) Running Cities – or an opinionated editorial by MtnSlamGrass

September 6, 2012


I would SAY I love to run but that would be a lie. It’s more of a love-hate relationship. Some days it’s easy. Some days I’d rather go the dentist for an anesthetic-free root canal. That said, I do challenge myself and look for interesting places or trails to run (think slow jog) when I’m […]

Mtn Slam Grass’ Workout tip #12

August 30, 2012


Heading out for a jog on the trail? Maybe a workout on the treadmill? Need a quick pick me for energy? About 30 minutes before the workout try some carbs. Maybe a banana, a piece of fruit, oatmeal bar, cheese crackers, etc. My personal recommendation, based on recent experience… Do NOT eat an order of […]

Reality check

August 20, 2012


Please donate to Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! A few days ago I brought up the fear associated with my dad’s cancer diagnosis. So far the prognosis is good. According to the oncologist, non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma is very treatable and curable. However, it is not cheap and my dad is on social security with a rather limited […]